10 most common questions married couples have about sex

It happens all the time. Couples get married and expect their sex life to be just like they see in the movies: romantic and steamy. But then the honeymoon ends and they realize sex is a little more complicated than what they see on the screen. Here are 10 …

What does a sex therapist really do?

Photo: Kelly Gardner The recent six-part ABC TV series Luke Warm Sex was promoted as a documentary comedy aimed at getting Australians to express themselves sexually with more confidence – and to get better at sex with the kind of education they don’t …

Having ‘The Talk’ With Your Adult Kids About Parent Sex

The eye-rolling, “ew,” “get a room,” and laughing has got to stop … and we promise to practice safe sex. Probably. You may need to teach us more about that at some point. We masturbate, too, by the way. Always have. Sorry you didn’t realize that.

Want Mind-Blowing Sex? Get Married (And Save Civilization)

There’s more. Lots more. Research shows that not only is how much … In other words, it doesn’t just stop at sex. You Can Get Off the Crazy Train Young people don’t know how to get off the downward spiral they’re in. Nearly nine in ten millennials …

Sex With Your Ex – Should You Revisit The Scene of the Crime?

Your bodies, get accustomed to each other … This all being said though, the majority of people I spoke to in hindsight sated that they regretted sex with an ex more than they enjoyed it. By far the biggest overall issue is that continuing to have …

Hulk Hogan could get even more money in sex-tape case

St. Petersburg (United States) (AFP) – Hulk Hogan was back in a Florida court Monday as jurors weigh whether to award the wrestling star even more than the $115 million in damages granted last week over a sex tape posted by entertainment website Gawker.

Gwinnett schools leads metro in sex offenses by students

Want more news? Sign up for free newsletters to get more of the AJC delivered to your inbox. Gwinnett County schools had the most instances of sex offenses by students in the 2014-15 school year in metro Atlanta, according to Georgia Department of Education.